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The PRCPA Bylaws address Conflicts of Interest specifically related to Board Executive Committee members. Realizing that transparency and open communication are necessary to ensure a positive environment for all participants of the organization, the PRCPA Board proactively consulted with PRUBO in April/May 2019 to further detail and supplement what appears in the Bylaws with the following policy statement:


Addressing conflicts of interest based on family relationships, business or financial relationships, and all other potential conflicts of interest is required to maintain our 501(c)(3) status.


The conflicts of interest statement applies to both Board Executive Committee positions and PRCPA booster members.


Potential conflict of interest does not prevent Board Executive Committee eligibility or PRCPA booster membership. It does place restrictions on the individual to recuse him/herself when discussion or votes on ANY matter where conflicts could occur.


The Pine-Richland Unified Booster Organization (PRUBO), of which PRCPA is a member in good standing, determined that it is a conflict of interest to have a booster member present for discussion and/or voting related to their family member.


The removal from discussion (not just voting) has two purposes:

  1. to ensure the Board and/or membership is comfortable in discussion and in conducting its business, and
  2. to ensure information is not carried from the Board and/or membership to the coach/family member inappropriately.


PRCPA Board Executive Committee members with potential conflict of interest will be deemed ineligible to sign or co-sign checks for the tenure of their position.


Any breach of this policy will result in immediate suspension of PRCPA membership and/or removal from PRCPA Board Executive Committee.


The PRCPA Board has created this accessible reporting system for cheerleaders and their families to report concerns regarding conflicts of interest. Any concern brought to the PRCPA Executive Committee will be handled swiftly and confidentially.


Submit concerns directly to: